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We help realtors win

A Win-Win Partner

Our relationship is simple and clear – You represent your clients for trade, we help to manage their properties.

Our priority is to provide the highest level of property management to your clients, that will strengthen your existing client relationship and help you have more trade business. We are win-win partner to help your clients win. 

How we work together?

We help you Promote your Property

We will prepare for you the materials to your clients with projected rental income, its fees and taxes.

This help you promote your property and demonstrate to your clients the benefits of investing into Real Estate.

We offer Special Rate and Referral Bonus

We serve your clients well with efficient Rental Property management services.

Your referred clients will get our special rates on our Property Management Services. You will also get our referral bonus for appreciation.

Your Clients stay with You

Your relationship with your clients will remain unchanged when they use our rental services. We will refer them back to you when they’re ready to sell the properties.

If you’re the first realtor of referring us  a client, we can sign a non-compete agreement with you stating that we won’t  refer him to any other realtors or interfere with your trading business with him. 


Rental Property Management is a straight-forward progression from purchasing of an investment property. 

The happier your clients, the larger your client portfolio,  and more  opportunities will naturally come to you.  If your clients win, you will win.  When you win, we are happy.  It’s a Win-Win-Win situation. 

Let the Win-Win-Win Stories Begin ..


If your client wants to invest, buy it by you and RENT IT by us.

You have an investor on your hands, he’s looking for a stable and passive income. You have already identified a good investment property for him, but he hesitates to close the deals because of unknown rental income in the area and unavailability of licensed property manager.

We will prepare for you a presentation to your clients with projected rental income, taking into consideration the specific location of the property, all its fees, taxes and possibly mortgage payments. After you close the deal with him, we will help your client  manage his property.

Later on, if your client decide to sell his property, our job end. We will refer you to take over the clients for representing him to sell the property.


If your client can’t sell it, RENT IT by us and later sell it by you  

You have a property seller on your hands, but he cannot sell his property with a good price. Rather than further reducing the selling price and ultimately your commission bonus, you may refer him to us for renting out the property.

We will help your client to manage his property well. During this time, your client will earn a stable rental income, and you can continue to timing the market. 

Later on, when the market recovers, you take over the client and manage to sell the property for him at a good price. 

The client is happy because you help him sell his property with his expected price, plus earns an extra rental income. You are happy because you continue to keep the clients and earn your deserved trading commission together with our referral bonus. We are happy, because you give us the opportunity to serve you both.



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