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Avoid Clogged Drainage

Clogged Drainage is a common problem in residential property, often due to indiscriminate disposing of items down the toilet, bath tub, shower-room drainage and/or kitchen sinks. These problems cause major sewerage backups and expensive repairs. The list below is just several common items that cause major problem.

Be mindful not to thrown anything down the drainage that could cause the system to clog up.

What NOT to throw down the toilet:

  • Feminine Products: Tampons & other feminine hygiene products are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet.
  • Cooking Grease/Food: Grease should never be poured down any drain. It may look like a liquid, but when it cools, it will congeal and clog up your pipes. Collect your grease in a glass jar and throw it in the trash.
  • Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes/Cleaning Pads: They are also increasingly causing clogs and backups in sewage pipes across the country. Flushing wet wipe will cause major damage.
  • Dental Floss: Floss is not biodegradable and can cause serious clogs and environmental damage.
  • Q-tips/Cotton Balls: They will clump together, causing stoppages at bends in the pipes.
  • Diapers: Diapers are made to expand in water. In the unlikely case you get the diaper to flush, it will likely get caught in the U-bend of the pipe.
  • Pills: Pills have toxic effects on groundwater supplies and wildlife. Return them to pharmacies if you no longer need them.
  • Paper Towels/Tissues: Throw paper towels and tissues in the trash, not the toilet. Tissues and paper towels are not made to dissolve like toilet paper.
  • Cat Litter: These may be labelled biodegradable, but they turned hard and clogged up.

What NOT to throw down the garburator:

  • Bones and vegetables like celeries, carrots, potatoes peels etc.
  • Coffee Grounds, egg shells, and/or fruits pits, Grease, Rice, flours or Pasta

Always put Hair-Catcher on your bath tub, shower-room drainage, and clean-up the hair regularly

Safety & Monitoring

Never have the Sprinkler Head Obstructed

Fire sprinkler systems are expected to detect, control and suppress unwanted fires.

Hanging items off the fire sprinkler pipe and/or heads are very dangerous due to obstruction and damage, it will affect the temperature of the fire sprinkler head, which in turn, will delay its reaction time of detecting the fire, putting yourself and your building in danger.

In addition, Water damage is also a risk when there are items hanging off fire sprinkler heads. It takes a very small pressure force for the item hanging on the head to break the glass bulb at the center of the sprinkler head. This immediately causes water to start flowing. Before you can shut off your system, gallons of water have already been discharged from the sprinkler head. Obviously, this would cause major water damage to your property, your neighbours and the condos in lower floor, and all that is entirely unnecessary.

Protect your property and yourself and make sure that you never have items hanging off your fire sprinkler system!

Water Supply

Turn off all water supply lines when the property will not be occupied for a period of time (eg. on a vacation)

If tenants are going away on a vacation and/or the property will not be occupied for a period of more
than one month, please ensure that it gets inspected on a regular basis for any gas leaks, pipe
leaks, and/or break-ins.

It is also suggested that the following steps be followed:

  • Email an emergency contact phone number with the Property Manager
  • Turn off all water supply lines in your suite


Electricity Supply

BC Hydro - New Residential Account Setup

Residential customers within BC Hydro’s service area can set up a new residential account on line or via phone. You will need to provide the following information to open a new account:

Please follow the instructions below to sign up online:
1. Sign up online for a BC Hydro profile on https://www.bchydro.com
2. Once your profile is set up, log in and select “New Residential Account”

Please follow the instructions below to sign up via phone:
1. Please dial 1-800-224-9376
2. When speaking with a customer representative, please provide full name, ddress, phone number, and possession date of residence in order to complete the new residential accounts sign up.


Hardwood Floor Maintenance

To keep hardwood floor lasting and looking like new, follow these simple care steps:

  • Place walk off mats at all entrance ways to keep dirt and moisture from being tracked onto the floor. Ensure you are shaking, washing and vacuuming mats and rugs on a regular basis.
  • Rotate area rugs and mats occasionally to diminish discoloration from sunlight.
  • In order to avoid water marks, never let spills of any type remain on the surface of the floor. Wipe up spills immediately with a slightly dampened towel.
  • Use soft protective pads under furniture at all times.
  • Sweep or vacuum your wood floor as often as required to eliminate dust and debris from your floor. This may have to be done on a daily or weekly basis; depending on the amount of traffic in your home.
  • When moving heavy furniture or appliances, ensure the proper amount of padding is underneath to avoid scratches.
  • Do not wear spiked high heels on the hardwood floor. Spiked heels exert approximately 1000 pounds per square inch. Old and unprotected tips will dent the wood floor.
  • Use a cleaner and mop recommended for wood flooring to eliminate dust and residue.
  • Ensure that all liquids spilled on the floor are immediately dried up to prevent moisture from sinking into the base layers through the floor-seams.